An Interview with The Iron King’s Grimalkin!

*This the content was not authorized by the author or publisher, and is simply from my imagination of how Grim would respond*

Hey Bookies!

I was just chilling in Tir Na Nog today, (PUN ALERT!) when I ran smack into the Iron King‘s Grimalkin! Turns out, he owes me a favour from way back. So, I got an interview out of him. 😉 Go me!

For those of you bookaholics who haven’t heard of/read the Iron King, check out my review here!

Vivi-First thing’s first, how did you even get involved in this tangled web of the Iron Fey?

Grim-  I was enjoying myself in the Never Never, peacefully resting under a tree. It was the pivotal moment of the day’s hunt. There was one delicious morcel merely a whisker away. It would have been mine had the human and her red-headed boy-toy not come along scaring away every bird within a 20 mile radius. At the time, the human was alone; the desperate creature had recently been the target of wild hunters. She was slightly delirious, and she interrupted my mid-day snack! Then she had the audacity to ask a favour of me! Naturally, I seized the opportunity and made a deal with her. Why, you ask? Partially because I was bored, and partially because it was an excellent opportunity to take advantage of fresh meat in the Never Never. The rest I suppose you could call history.


V-How do you have so many connections in the Never Never?

G- I am a cat. *Cocks head and ponders about the obviously underdeveloped  human mind*


V-When you hide yourself from Meghan, where do you go?

G- That is a question that only I know the answer to. And I shall remain being the only creature with that knowledge. *Yawns*


V- Are you in any way related to Lewis Carrol’s Cheshire Cat?

G- Don’t even utter that name in my presence. The cheshire cat is nothing but a fan letter. As I previously claimed on, Where do you think Lewis Carroll got the idea for the Cheshire Cat? I found him wandering around Faerie one day in a daze, about to be eaten by ogres, and led him back to the mortal realm. In return, he put me in a book. Crazy mortal.” Will that suffice, mortal?


V-What does “Cait Sith” mean?

G- The direct definition of Cait Sith is the Devil’s Cat. I am forbidden from divulging further information.


V- Who do you think Meghan should end up with?

G- The matters of the human’s personal life are of no importance to me. I am merely an ally, not a confident. I do suppose that, politically speaking, the Winter Prince would be the superior choice. Their marriage could perhaps bring peace between the Seelie and Unseelie courts. Either that, or cause another war.

That is enough. I grow tired of your irksome questions. I believe that I am no longer in your debt, and you are no longer in mine either…

…For now. Farewell, human.




If you haven’t already read the Iron King, I suggest you do so! Pronto!



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